Why UX Matters tes UX

Hi there! I’m Ajeng. I was never confident enough to call myself a UX Researcher. In my opinion, to be called a UX Researcher, you should have plenty of experience in research and have finished many projects. And so according to this opinion, I don’t have that much experience. I started in this field in March 2020 based on the project that I started with.

I think I will start this writing from the heartbreaking news in last year, where there is a young boy who committed suicide after he misinterpreted an application. Kearns died by suicide in June 2020 after he was led to believe he owed more than $730,000 after making some risky trades. His parents recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Robinhood, seeking accountability from the company.

So, Why UX matters?

UX is to meet the exact needs of the customer without fuss or bother. UX facilitates how the user experiences interacting or when using the digital product. This experience is seen from how easy it is for users to get what they want from the product.

In other words, a good UX will not make it difficult for users to achieve their goals. Whether it’s a friendly UI design, products that are light to access, straightforward menus, and so on. Whereas, a bad UX frustrates users because it is difficult to get what they want.

Source: coronationim.com

What if the product has a bad UX?

We shouldn’t underestimate a bad UX. Because it can bring a lot of negative things to the business.

  1. Users will leave the product.

This is of course the most obvious effect of a poor UX. People use the product because they believe it will easily give them what they need. A bad UX gives users the opposite: it is difficult to get what they need. What’s in the end? Users will abandon the product because they don’t get what they want easily.

  1. Damaging Reputation.

If only one user has a bad UX with the product, he will likely tell someone else. It’s still calming a little if he only tells family or closest friends. However, what if he notifies the entire cyberspace via social media or reviews on Google? It’s already damaged the business reputation.

  1. Waste of money.

According to UX Planet, fixing a bad UX after a product was released could potentially be 100x more expensive than having a good UX from the start. This is certainly a very large number. The money that should be used for business development actually runs out to improve the UX of the product. Waste of money, right?

  1. Business Loss.

Poor UX makes it difficult for users to buy what they want. Either because the website or application is slow, payment pages are not open, items are not displayed, and so on. Finally, users will leave the website or app halfway before they get what they want. In fact, the main goal of a business is to make a profit, right? Now, how can a business make a benefit if users can’t even buy what they have to offer?

Overall, we all know that we need to pay attention to UX so that we can get the most attractive and functional website or application for users. This not only helps businesses to attract more users but also improves customer satisfaction.


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